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The videos on this site are a collection of sermons, articles, and current events that all have to do with prophetic fulfillment around the world. If you need additional information please visit the main site at or select one of the menu items above for a list of the videos that share present truth for our day.

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  1. posting this page to my blog I hope that this is ok WeAreONEbigFamily is Back recently subscribed to my video channel,, and I ended up going to one of your videos,,
    this is one of my videos,,its not brilliant,, just wondered if you would be willing to contribute to my blog on WordPress..? Your website is brilliant,, would never have heard of it if I had not watched the video.. I am a bible believing Christian,,KJV /AV 1611 only,got converted to faith in The Lord Jesus Christ in 1992, in prison,, haven’t found a decent church since I got out, apart from one in Carnforth.UK.. blessings.. hope you will message me back..would be blessed to hear from you..

  2. Please keep up the work that our lord and saviour has tasked us all to do. Our saviour has given us an order of tasks to accomplish. And then the end will come. (matthew 24)
    We, as god’s commandment keeping children must firstly hear our shephards voice.(john 10:14)
    Jesus knows his sheep, because we follow him, we are humbled and by his love for us that he never ceases to give to us that seek him and his word alone. We choose to follow and obey the light of the world. (john 10:27)
    We are tasked from god himself: that the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exhalts himself above all that is called god or that is worshiped, so that he sits as god, in the temple of god, showing himself that he is god (2nd thessalonians 2:3-4)
    We as worshipers of the creator of all things seen and unseen must expose the works of darkness, that we may try to help the holy spirit save as many as god can from the wine of babylon.

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