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  1. Where do our love one go when they die ?.
    How can I explain to my wife that her Dad is in Heaven not in a cemetery,laying in a coffin.

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  3. Hi. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Mudjimba actually and a little North of Brisbane. For a while have been attending the SDA church in Nambour. I just wanted to say thank you for your site. It seems that all the churches are full of apostacy.
    Please subscribe me to your mail online.
    Thank you very much.
    Matthew Thomas
    unit 2, 16 Mudjimba Beach rd
    Qld, 4564

  4. My Brother in JESUS CHRIST! I saw your guillotine post and wanted to get together with you on a personal level I have lots on information GLORY to GOD JESUS CHRIST the LORD! As Iron sharpens Iron as the LORD said!

  5. Pastor Nicholas,

    I went to your “search” button on your remnants website. I was trying to find an article or video regarding the age of the earth.

    6k approx years or millions.

    Could you let me know if you have addressed this before – and if you have not, could you let me know which one you believe. I trust your opinion.


  6. Dear Brethren in Yahweh,we are requesting for affiliation with your ministry.We are have a congregation and we are 50 members and not connected to any organization/church.Please teach us and also help our hungry orphans in our home.Hope to receive your message.
    Blessings from above,
    All our love,
    Pastor: Pius Mboti Oendo

  7. A City That is set upon a Hill Cannot be hid. Truth must triumph lies must be expose God will must be done. Thanks for all who step out to proclaiming God’s present truth without fear of man nor favor Blessings will come down from Heaven.

  8. I recently discovered that The assemblies of God churches, are 5013c tax exempt church. I have attended one here in Oregon, for 9 years. I was always wondering why I NEVER heard any preaching about Revelation and the end times. I’ve felt something was wrong for a long time.
    After our pastor retired, last year, we brought in a new pastor. Through his form of preaching ( sugar coated) and certain words he used in conversation, The Lord began to bring to my attention, “red alerts”…I began researching, discovering that 90+% of churches in America are 5013c stays & what that meant. Then I came across your video, The Image of the beast & 5013c churches, on YouTube. Your video brought it all together for me I was totally shaken to the core! I am warning other Christians, and will not stop until the Lord returns for us! Thank you, and God bless your Ministry to the fullest!

  9. Dearest Diana
    I praise the Lord that His truth is finding fertile soil in the hearts of many of His obedient children. Thank you for confirmation my prayer is answered in one more soul! 🙂

  10. Dear Fellow Christian brothers and sisters.
    Greetings l was visiting some websites of same faith 7TH DAY worshipers and also visited your website and was excited with Bible teaching materials i saw in your website i will like you to send some of your printed books/Magazines and Cd/DVDs to us to help for Bible teaching class and individual study.please send any materials you are able to provide for us free as soon as possible we cannot down load materials from the website as we are in rural area and cannot pay the required air time for internet services moreover we want to have printed copies to read and pass on to others.God bless you.
    Yours faithfully
    Pastor Ezekiel O.M.Innocent
    Church of God 7THDAY

  11. Just watched the video of Joel Osteen’s wife telling us to worship not because it makes God happy, but because it makes US happy. Gross.

    You mentioned that the Osteen’s message of not needing the death of Jesus Christ in order to be saved is just like that of Billy Graham. I am stunned by that. Can you please tell me where Billy Graham ever said that? Thanks.

  12. Where do I find a church like yours in Louisiana Hart broken that I have broken gods commandments iss there no forgiveness

  13. Dear Nicholas
    I’ve been watching your videos for some time and just love your teaching its so exciting as we get closer to the return of Jesus. My question to you is what church should I go to, I’m in a small church that was AOG long ago now with several changed pasters were not affiliated with any one now,many times I’ve asked them why arnt we learning end time prophecy or understanding Gods appointed times, feasts extra, they just brush me off with we don’t need to worry about that, so I’ve been going to an SDA church when they have teaching conferences on, were learning secrets of prophecy its really good,
    should I stay with them, I know all about the Ellen white controversy, this church don’t mention her much and use the king james bible, I dont think their over the top like some SDA churches, I’d really like your opinion please.
    May God keep you going and strong in the sharing you’re doing
    Blessings from Sharon

  14. Hi Are you affiliated with 7th day adventists? Do you have any congregations in south ga, usa? What do you think of the baptists? Thanks, mike plude 9123222268

  15. hi.Thank God for these many blessed wakeup calls.I appreciate this hard work for our Lord.what would be a good idea to get my heart and faith sparked up?

  16. Dear Mike,
    No, we are not associated with the SDA church in any way. See for the prophetic reasons why, and see for info about us. As for the Baptists, if they are Sabbatical Baptists, I see them as obedient to the best of their ability. If they are Sunday keepers, then you are in grave danger and you need to leave as Revelation 18:1-5 says God’s obedient children will do.

    If you have any additional questions, email me via my “contact us” page at

    In Christ I Remain

    As for having a church near you. We have many home churches all over the world now.

  17. Your Salvation depends upon your acceptance of Jesus THE Christ as Lord
    and Saviour, NOT upon which day is the Sabbath, although the TRUE SABBATH is the SEVENTH DAY.

  18. I don’t keep His law to GET saved, I keep it because I AM saved. When Jesus said you will know them by their fruits, He was speaking about those that accepted Him as Saviour will be commandment keepers because HE WROTE THEM in their hearts. So I agree with you. I don’t keep the Sabbath because it will save me, I only keep it because I obey the Holy Spirit in my heart who helps me keep His law. That all being said.. do YOU have the fruit Jesus speaks of??

  19. WE are from iowa and are wondering if there are any places to worship around here for Saturday Sabbath. WHAT NAME DO YOU GUYS go UNDER???????????

  20. Wanted to ty Pastor Nic 4 this blessed talented hard work, among so much TRUE evidence.Among others who HARD WORK team work for our Lord to us all.All glory to our Heavenly Father for this :).Take care and GB y’all.

  21. Wishing to send a link of your video called ((Rome blessing paedofiles)) to my catholic family only to discover it has been blocked from viewing. What a shame the world needs to see how degraded that church has become.
    May the Lord have mercy on them shurely they are not all like that.

  22. In your video ( Remember the Sabbath ) you state that sunday cannot be the seventh day sabbath because it does not say anywhere in the Bible that it is , Please show me where it states FRIDAY OR SATURDAY has the seventh day Sabbath ,could you give me chapter and verse on that please.

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