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  2. Greetings to all visitors here from Holland.
    My comment would be, Nicholas is one off the greatest preachers I know. He has a sense of humor, a cultivated knowledge of language, and on the subjects he publishes on. Me and every one should be very grateful for such a great man. He might be a bit soft on the papes sometimes, because folks that worship lies and refuse to discuss them as Catholics do; satan is the Lord of lies. This satanic worship of sex, money and torture by the romanists will have a clear end, known to any one even having only little understanding on heaven and hell.

    Nicholas tells the truth. He’s a caring men of honesty, brave, and one of the few Americans that makes your country very much respected from abroad.

  3. Carey Lawson // August 1, 2014 at 1:24 am //

    The world is going just the God had planned for it go , I look at the people around me they attuned they don’t care about anything it so hard to bring them to take a moment to tell them about Christ they really don’t want to know, Christ said that it would be a generation that doesn’t know about him and the said that the lack of knowledge about his you would parish, the rich man in the bible ask Jesus to warm his brothers Jesus told him that his brothers have the old testerment but they would not read and he added that they would not believe the one that comes back from the dead meaning his self

  4. Carey Lawson // August 1, 2014 at 1:35 am //

    Yi like also want to add that it would be like the days before the flood a lot of sin and man did not no right from wrong killing in the streets sex in the streets man in love withoother men and women who loves other women the judges letting the killer go free and other countries in war with each other and attacking Israel, the day is coming when Israel will be hated by its neighbors and the usa will turn they back non Israel, this is theday that JJesus said that one two people would be in the field nand one would be taken,

  5. Carey Lawson // August 1, 2014 at 1:49 am //

    The pastor of today only care about members becoming a member of they church and they ten percent, rich like the mother of all churches Rome , it’s just how the bible talks about her being rich and famous and need of nothing, the usa is the fault prophet and yhe nation that grows up out of know where, and the fault prophet and these big churches that hold 40,000 people at one time teaching them property to be rich not the gospel of Jesus.

  6. Carey Lawson // August 1, 2014 at 2:05 am //

    False teachings that’s coming from the mega churches, 2peter 2 chapter tells the story of these pastors will bring the truth of Christ into lies that they made up, plus Jesus will remember that how they once knew the true of the gospel, and Christ Jesus did not save the falling angles, holding them for that great day of judgment

  7. Manfred Wayuka // August 4, 2014 at 1:57 pm //

    Greetings everyone i am currently in Moscow,indeed Mr Nicolas is a great man of god saying it the way it is. I have watched a lot of videos and i am a regular visitor of the remnant of god websites, here i learned much more than i would have without you. your great work is not in vain, i downloaded some videos as well as traits and will try to share them. let’s hope god moves the people we share it with. May Jesus be with you as he promised, Amen.

  8. When I was 16 i was greatly confused by the several contradictory theologies out there. Then one day i had a discussion with my uncle. He had studied with JWs, protestants, catholics, and mormons. He told me that Jesus was Micheal. Ofcourse i was shocked. But when i got home i put Jesus is Micheal on the google engine, and tada! One of the websites turning out results was POGM. I continued reading the website ever since. Thank you Pastor Nicholas for being preaching the truth courageously.

  9. What a blessing! Thank you so much!

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